Refurbished Cisco Hardware Products

The US-American company Cisco Systems undoubtedly is THE big player in network and mobile network technologies as well as telecommunications. They are famous for their IT hardware products endowed with state-of-the-art-technology and known as backbone of an impeccably working IT-infrastructure. Fair enough, but you need to consider that if you want to profit from the advantages of the high-grade infrastructure offered by Cisco, you have to dig deep into your pocket.


Against the background of waste of resources and the increasing awareness for a sustainable production, a clear trend in re-using IT-hardware developed – by refurbishment. Original Cisco hardware, which had already been used for some years, is completely reprocessed when the leasing contract is terminated. Refurbished Cisco equipment can be purchased at a much better price.

Re-Using IT-Hardware – The Gradual Process of Refurbishment

Interested, but still sceptical, doubtful or unsure, because you do not really know what refurbishment is about? Keep on reading, we have gathered interesting information on the process of refurbishment, that you should know. Used IT-hardware – be it from terminated leasing contracts or large enterprises who regularly replace their business equipment – are recycled, following the subsequent cycle:


The used hardware products are completely dismantled in antistatic atmosphere and cleaned with air.


Each and every Cisco hardware product is thoroughly checked regarding performance, storage and network capability. Those components unable to meet the set expectations are scrapped.


Faulty or inoperative parts are repaired by qualified technicians if possible or replaced by a new one.


By using leading security software products, all data are deleted, unable to be restored again. All parts of equipment are reset to default.


Refurbished Cisco hardware are immediately ready for use after passing the final tests. Moreover, the products come with full warranty – for the user an additional sign of integrity and security.

Several studies could prove that refurbished hardware offers just the same performance as new one. As it has already been in action, however, it was checked for functionality; moreover, it supports a sustainable development, thus saving the environment.

First-Class IT-Hardware for a Small Budget

All Cisco products are known for its high performance, its excellent manufacturing quality and longevity. When refurbished, companies and interested users may expect clear markdowns of up to 90 % on the hardware products – at the same level of functionality and quality. Moreover, these users receive a life-long warranty on the refurbished hardware so that this provides some extra security.

But it is not only the money we should think of, we should also consider refurbishment as a modern and secure recycling method for hardware products that helps us to act eco-friendly and resource-saving as IT hardware products. With the refurbishment of IT hardware, two major issues connected to the production of new IT-hardware. The following numbers show the dimensions of the problem and are at the same time deterrent:

• IT hardware produces megatons of CO2 emissions globally. Projections presume that by 2040, IT products will account for approximately 14 % of the annual carbon footprint – which would equate more than half of the CO2 in transport.

• IT hardware which is no longer used is dumped. In 2018 alone, 49.8 million metric tons of e-waste was globally produced, and the number of produced electric waste is still increasing as many companies have yet to discover their ecologic reconsideration.

Given that the environmental pollution and the waste of resources runs rampant and everybody is called upon doing something to reduce CO2 emissions by changing his own behaviour, users and small companies might kill two birds with one stone. In using refurbished hardware for creating their company or mobile networks, they behave eco-friendly, but not at the risk of restrictions for business operations. And they pushed forward a decisive topic for everyone – saving our planet!

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